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Geometry Jump is an online game that includes a series of five video games. The game has 21 official levels. However, online gamers have created over 50 million levels. Players can access the game online, and they are required to complete each level before they proceed to the next. Geometric jump allows players to access seven different forms that act differently.

Additionally, the vehicle chosen has seven portals with different colors. Due to its outstanding features and user-friendliness, the game is praised by gamers and critics. Players complete the initial stages with ease before advancing to other levels generated by players. Geometric jump is designed to test one's reflex reaction to avoid obstacles. A game creation system has allowed players to create millions of levels aside from the official ones. Each level has three coins and presents a different set of challenges. These official levels include stereo madness, back on track, base after base, dry out, can't let go, jumper, etc.

Few Tips for Playing the Geometric Jump Game

Every player intends to win, whether they are pro or beginner. Here are few tips that players can use to complete levels successfully.
1. Ignore the Secret Coins
Most beginners get distracted by the secret coins and end up deviating from the path to get them. However, the coins are beneficial in the long run. It's wise to ignore them and focus on completing the level. Concentrating on the secret coins causes players to lose; hence it takes longer to complete a level. Once a player masters enough skills, they can go for the hidden coin without losing. Beginners should master the game before going for the coins.
2. As a Beginner, Use the Practice Mode
It's difficult to jump into the game and expect to complete all levels. Intelligent players find it ideal to try the practice mode before proceeding in the main game. However, the practice mode is slower than the actual game; it's worth the time. Practice mode helps players learn all the tactics and secrets in the game and apply these skills to complete each level successfully. Players also learn how to drop checkpoints to avoid getting stuck too often. Once a player gets the basics of the game, they are free to switch back to the regular game.
3. It's Essential to Take Breaks from the Game
Avoid getting consumed in the game for long. Breaks are essential especially to beginners as it helps them to improve their performance. Breaks allow your brain and eyes to relax from screen straining that can result in headaches. Geometry jump has many colors and lights that might affect one's vision or get them confused. Breaks ensure a player can revisit the game with a clear mind and sight.

Geometry jump helps players to test their reflexes by avoiding obstacles. The game uses simple 2D isometric graphics and art direction. A player has two control points to jump and place flags to create checkpoints. Concentration is vital because if a player hits a block, they have to start all over again.

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