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Geometry Dash Blackboard is a free online game that can be played on any device with a web browser. The goal of this game is to move the character through an obstacle course without touching anything while avoiding monsters and collecting items. This version, Geometry Dash Blackboard, has been modified to include blackboards in the background of each level that add a whole new dimension to gameplay!

How It works

The game itself is simple to play but hard to master. As one moves through the level on their way to the green portal at the end of each stage, there will be obstacles in their path that must be avoided with quick reflexes and navigation skills. If they touch anything, then it's game over! Various items such as coins or diamonds can be collected for bonus points to help one out along the way. There are also spikes which one must jump over to avoid losing health. One's health bar will deplete gradually with time, but it can be refilled by collecting green orbs that appear throughout the game.

There is no storyline in this version of Geometry Dash Blackboard, so nothing is stopping anyone from just jumping into play! One'll have access to all 20 levels immediately upon loading his or her browser and signing into the website. These include five tutorial stages as well as 15 regular courses for players at varying difficulty levels. Each course has an easy route with three blackboards followed by a harder one containing four boards for those who want even more challenge!

Though Geometry Dash Blackboard is free to play online, if one wants more features, there are in-game purchases available. One can purchase a one-month subscription that will give them access to all the courses as well as removing ads from the game for the US $0.99 per month or an unlimited subscription, which costs US $29.99 and gives players permanent access to everything!

Geometry Dash Blackboard Functions

This game helps the player in the following ways:
a) Provides entertainment for an extended period of time, with several levels to complete.
b) Gives the chance to engage in problem-solving skills.
c) Builds on player's existing musical knowledge.
d) Involves the players in the space of expression through their created sounds by allowing them to share their music with their friends.
e) Provides continuous narrative, although players are involved in various levels with different goals and problems to solve (Holistic Learning Theory).
f) Develops player engagement through task accomplishment (Game-Based Learning Theory).
g) Uses real-life characters, Geometry Dash and RobTop, to tie players' knowledge of these two objects to understand better how they work in this space.
h) Develops player's prediction skills by having them figure out what obstacle each level holds before completing it (Action-centered Theory).
i) Promotes a "flow" state for pleasure through continuous play that requires little mental effort but still provides a challenge for players (Flow Theory).
j) Involves players in learning by allowing them to play and experiment, develop and test, and challenge their ideas (Constructivism Theory).

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