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Cuphead Rush

One of the major things most people like about Cuphead Rush is the fact that it offers two things in one. It's a 2-D shooting game, and a puzzle platformer. It's an indie game released by StudioMDHR as an homage to the cartoons of the 1930's. Here are some of the highlights.

It's simple to play. The gamer controls one of two characters. Cuphead or Mugman are trying to win their soul back. It seems that the evil king named King Dice stole it. The player plays as one of the two character to fight and win it back through several levels. Each level includes a contract as the level goes up. Weapons and skills are gained by the player blasting the opponents on the way. If the player can didge the incoming attacks, they can beat the enemies and get their soul back.

Referred to as a "run and gun" game, it's easy to beat. When the player does, they enjoy a cutaway much like the old Mega-man game. It reminds many gamers of that game. It's similar. Some players say it's not easy to play, or beat either. Here are some of the tough things about this game.

• It's hard to master at first
• Gaining new equioemnt and moves requires a level up.
• There are boss tricks to master to beat the game.

It's not impossible, but the player needs to beat levels to gain the new equipment needed. The game teaches the player how to do that. This repeats through each level. It ends with a boss battle. It's not easy to beat. When the player understand the tricks, it's easy to beat it.

It is a visually stunning game. That one of the most-liked things about Cuphead. It does an amazing job of re-creating those old cartoons from the 30's. As a shooter, it's fun for fans of the genre too. Similar to the later levels of Motorbike games, the player must re-play until the level is mastered.

The gameplay is responsive which makes it perfect for a shooter. That's hugely important. all gamers that play shooters know how important that is for it to work. Nothing is more frustrating is a shooter with bad controls. It's truly a perfect game for that quick relaxation for a few minutes. If the gamer has more time, they can easily beat it in no time. It's worth playing for all fans of puzzle, shooter platformers.

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